In 2001, a small work of crossing and selection of lisianthus plants began in Pilar do Sul-SP, in order to obtain plants that resist the harsh conditions of Brazilian climate. Until then, companies had no material with these characteristics. With great difficulty, in 2008 we obtained the hybrid variety Julia Princess Snow, the first hybrid lisianthus from national achievement. The initial proposal to supply with high quality seeds the own production was becoming to the possibility of sales with the success that the hybrid obtained within the growers.

Already with a more extensive hybrid series, then was created the company Nativo Agrícola, encompassing genetics research activities, seeds production and flowers and vegetables seedlings, specializing in small niche markets activities.

Because it is a small company, it always had as a strong point to provide market specific solutions, demands often ignored by large corporations.

In 2014, the company introduced the concept of cucumber seedlings TOP GRAFT, a revolutionary grafting, unprecedented in Brazil, offering plants of high performance and fine workmanship.

Also in 2014, the Nativo Agrícola was registering the first series of varieties of stock (Matthiola incana), a national achievement which extended the offer period of this flower specie in nearly 100%, today it can be produced up to 8 months during the year.

We hope to continue with our work, always bringing technological innovations to our customers.

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